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Development of Superhot Chile Peppers in Trinidad and Tobago

Selling chiles at the Debe Market in Trinidad. Photo by Kalamazadkhan.

All the hottest chile peppers in the world originated in Trinidad and Tobago. But how and why?

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Lord Harris, the Ghost Pepper Governor

George Harris, 3rd Baron Harris. Photo by Richard Beard - National Portrait Gallery, London.

It’s fitting that a British Lord should be the one to carry the hottest chile pepper in the world from Trinidad to India in 1854. By stumbling on a key entry in an obscure Indian encyclopedia during a Google Books search, I believe I have unlocked a major mystery in the world of chile peppers: How was a New World crop, the bhut jolokia—aka the ghost chile—introduced into India?

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The History of Wilbur Scoville and His Now-Ubiquitous Scale (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1).
But commercial laboratory work didn’t last long. Scoville was recruited by one of The Spatula’s advertisers, Parke, Davis & Company in 1907 and moved his family from Boston to Detroit. The Bulletin of Pharmacy, published in Detroit, had this to say about Scoville’s hire: “In a great house like Parke, Davis & […]

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The History of Wilbur Scoville and His Now-Ubiquitous Scale

Wilbur Scoville.

I seriously doubt that Wilbur Scoville ever imagined that he would be most remembered for his Scoville Organoleptic Test that was the first attempt ever, in 1912, to quantify the heat of chile peppers.

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Memorial Day Recipe: Sloppy Joe Hotdogs


Here’s a mash-up of two American favorites, so chili-cheese-dog lovers, make room for a new classic!

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