Louisana is a mere 130 miles east of home and the incredible gourmet delights of Cajun/Creole heaven are waiting.

The crew at the office has a wagered pool on how many pounds I will gain during this five day road trip into the off the beaten paths and the bowels of Louisiana searching for the hidden paradises of great southern food.

There are endless magazines, web sites and surveys of great places to dine in Louisana. I want to find places that are traditionally unknown except for the locals’ passion and support of those hard to find places.

No china here, no sparking silverware and no linens cloth—just darn good food served to sedate your hunger and never forgetting just how darn good, good is!

I plan on making this a regular feature, the only problem here is that you will really be charged the responsibility of getting there on your own.

So this is the first of the new CP‘s content goals and I promise you that this one will be super.

I’m calling it Rick’s Fabulous Foodie Finds Road Trip. Bam my adorable daughter, and the person who really runs the show, thinks my titles are a bit wordy from time to time but…This one is staying.

I left Houston at 2:30 pm, Monday the 23rd, and 135 miles later, I come off the bridge into Lake Charles to my first Fabulous Food Find—Steamboat Bill’s. I won’t bore you with the details on how I find these places, however, I assure you more time is spent on research than actual time to visiting them and consume their fine fare.

This place will be well reviewed in the annual Cajun Issue, however I want you to know that their Pistolette can make a skinny man fat in a week. These deep fried homemade biscuits, sliced open and covered with their Crawfish Étouffée had me wanting a second third and forth. I think Nick, who picked me to gain more weight than any one, will win the pool. I quickly followed this will their version of a baked potato that was also smothered with the Shrimp Étouffée covered with fried shrimp with all the standard accoutrements of butter, sour cream, shredded cheese and chives…Incredible!

However, the dish that knocked me off my chair was their Gumbo. The flavor was simply the richest I have ever had. The smoky  sausage and the roux is simply to die for. By the way, they are well, well known for their boiled crawfish. Did I have any? What do you think?

More tomorrow from Lafayette. This is going to be great!

January 24, 2012 at 3:18 pm
Category: Features