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Category: Recipes

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Fresh Off the Grill


by Sir McMillen
Spicy, hearty grilled items are not always synonymous with freshly picked produce, with its delicate flavor. Staying true to this issue’s theme—farm-to-table—was a challenge, requiring loads of research. Initially, I was overwhelmed, but then it struck me: It’s always good to push your boundaries. Being taken out of your comfort zone can yield [...]

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My All-Time Favorite Seafood Dishes


by Rick McMillen
When creating this Farm-to-Table Issue, it was impossible to overlook the remarkable and somewhat ingenious new category of businesses that manufacture fresh fish and seafood. These farms produce a significant volume of high-quality product and in most cases, are far more environmentally friendly in preserving the various species.
Here are two of my favorite [...]

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Winter Salad Remix


by Rick McMillen
Keep things fresh and light—and anything but boring—this winter with crispy salads featuring a bountiful range of flavors and ingredients.
This was, undoubtedly, one of my all-time favorite features that I’ve done for this magazine. When I shared this with my wife, who is keenly aware of my carnivore habits, she looked at me [...]

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Big Meals, Little Bites


For a taste of the best big-on-flavor small bites, travel and food writer Janis Turk turns to her favorite bars, gastropubs, bloggers and chefs for recipes to satisfy your spicy, little cravings.

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An Appetizing Potpourri


This collection of first courses, culled from an expert panel of chefs, cooks, restaurants and more, will shock and amaze you!

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