Chile Pepper is the foremost authority on all things chile peppers, dedicated to spreading spice to chileheads—from the novice to the hard-core—all over the planet. With each issue, we bring the zestiest recipes around, plus the low-down on the hottest new cooking equipment and products, the latest shows and events, tips from industry insiders and so much more.

Who are the creative minds behind Chile Pepper, you ask? Look no further…



Rick McMillen

Sir McMillen has been involved with publishing his entire adult life and a chilehead his entire life. It was a dream come true when he and his sister, Bambi, purchased Chile Pepper magazine in November 2010. Since then, he’s been able able to combine two of his great passions. Plus, his children think he is a little insane. 🙂

Name and Bio


Amanda Altman is the managing editor of Chile Pepper. The best part of her job is working with the hottest editors on the planet, not to mention the chilehead extraordinaries who create the recipes for our pages. The worst part? Living in NYC and not being able to partake in our food photo shoots! Amanda is currently raising two boys, ages three and one, and is doing her best to show them the chilehead way (and keep ’em out of too much trouble!).

Name and Bio

Name and Bio