Breakfast Gnocchi Carbonara


We’re deviating from the true definition of carbonara, but still using the principles of the pasta sauce by using spicy chorizo and topping it all off with a sunny-side-up egg. The end result is perfect for breakfast, brunch and dinner.

YIELD 4 servings
PREP TIME 10 minutes
COOK TIME 15 minutes

4.5 ounces pork chorizo
1 (16-ounce package) mini potato gnocchi
4 large eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
1⁄2 cup freshly grated Parmesan
Chopped cilantro for garnish

1. In a skillet over medium-high, brown and crumble the chorizo for about 5 minutes. Add the gnocchi and cook for another 5 minutes,
or until the gnocchi are cooked through and a little crispy.
2. In a separate skillet, cook the eggs sunny-side up, about 3-5 minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper.
3. To serve, divide the gnocchi among four plates and top each with a fried egg. Garnish with the Parmesan and cilantro.

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