Staff Review: Pinnacle Vodka’s Habanero Vodka




This week we are sampling Pinnacle Vodka’s Habanero Vodka. Award-winning Pinnacle® Vodka starts with the finest wheat grain from France and is five times distilled for an incredibly clean, smooth taste. It’s everything you’d expect from premium vodka, but with none of the attitude and at a delightfully unexpected price.

I want to note here that they offer 40+ flavors.  That’s 40+ delicious flavors. 

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The Staff Review:

Sir says: “If you are a chilehead you’ll love Pinnacle’s Habanero Vodka. It has a smooth habanero taste and quick burst of heat that doesn’t last too long, but doesn’t fade too quickly either. If you are looking for a stronger vodka taste you might be a little disappointed. The habanero does mask the vodka very well.  Naturally, this vodka lends it self to making Bloody Mary’s. For this it is perfect. Just use your favorite recipe and skip the Tabasco.

Bambi says: Bambi opted out of this particular review.

Nicholas says: “The habanero vodka had a great kick to it. It was very smooth despite the spice, and you could totally taste the pepper flavor in it without being overwhelmed. When we tried it with a bloody mary, it seemed to compliment the other flavors nicely.”

Kristin says: “It’s pretty spicy at first, but then dissipates. You can’t even taste the vodka. It’s dangerously tasty in a bloody mary.”

Shawna says: “I was initially skeptical. I’m a vodka lover and I haven’t been disappointed in anything I’ve ever tried from Pinnacle Vodka. It smells spicy like freshly cut open chiles and vodka. The heat is immediate and will follow the vodka all the way down but it isn’t truly habanero hot. Don’t get me wrong, it is spicy but palatable. The flavor was the most surprising thing for me – it is truly a habanero flavor. Do I even have to say that the vodka was extra smooth? I agree with everyone else, it makes a killer bloody mary! After trying this I don’t see using any other vodka for our bloody marys.”

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