Stay De(hydrated)!


A new cookbook from CP contributor Mike Hultquist, the founder of the popular blog Chili Pepper Madness, reveals new ways to use the dehydrator to satisfy your spicy cravings.

When Mike casually mentioned he was working on a new cookbook, we knew a few things right off the bat: one, it would pack some serious heat; two, it wouldn’t be your standard “spicy” book—the concept would be innovative; and three, it would showcase incredible food. Like most of you, Mike has a real passion for the bold and interesting, and wouldn’t settle for anything else. He’s so dedicated that he can somehow dream up the perfect pitch for our magazine in the blink of an eye, proof that he truly does live and breathe the chilehead life.

The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook: 80 Incredible Recipes to Turn Up the Heat on Jerky, Hot Sauce, Fruit Leather and More delivers on all of the above and then some. You probably already know that dehydrating is a practical, space-saving method for preserving one too many chiles, but did you know you could dehydrate your favorite sauces, soups and stews? What about using the technique to make unique seasoning blends or snacks like jerky or spicy fruit leather? If you’ve never used a dehydrator, Mike breaks it down for you; if you’re an expert, you’ll undoubtedly uncover some delicious new ideas.

Being that this is our Pasta Issue, we asked Mike to share a few of his book’s recipes filled with noodle goodness, but know that the following are a mere sampling of what The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook has to offer. One thing’s for sure: There’s no way this book will leave you feeling high and dry.

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