The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Final Ballot Announcement


This year the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 3 people who have been very instrumental in the Hot Sauce industry. The inducted class of 2018 will receive a distinctive Red Jacket, Hall of Fame Ring and will be enshrined legendary of honors into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.

To be eligible for the nominating or voting process, a person must operate within the fiery foods industry for a minimum of 3 years. These people also known as the Selection Committee, consists of hot sauce companies, retailers, distributors, exporters, chile pepper growers, media and restaurateurs who specialize if spicy foods and hot sauce. The Selection Committee will be polled by email from the Hall of Fame’s Senators Board in which the board will eventually narrow the Selection Committee’s ballots down to the final list to 9.

After months of debating and voting from the Selection Committee, the committee have narrowed down their final nominations to some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry.

The Final Ballot Nominations:

1. Alvin Baumer – Crystals Hot Sauce: Start Baumers Foods in 1923. Today the company is in over 75 countries and

2. BF Trappy – Trappey’s Hot Sauce: One of the oldest hot sauce brands in the United States. Founded in 1898 in New Iberia, Louisiana.

3. Craig Migawa – Pepper Palace: Was started in 1989 in central Wisconsin. Today Pepper Palace operates over 30 retail locations in the United States and Canada.

4. David Ashley – Mad Dog: Owner of Ashley Foods. David has been creating hot sauce for well over 20 plus years and was one of the first to sell extract sauces with his 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce.

5. Joe R. Polo Sr – Original Juan Specialty Foods: In 1992 Joe opened a small retail store called Lotta Hotta. Years later he started Original Juan focusing strictly on manufacturing various hot sauces, salsa and other spicy food products.

6. Jose-Luis Saavendra – Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce: Started in 1971 in Vernon, CA. Celebrating 45 years of making in 2016 it has now grown into one of the biggest family owned hot sauce companies in the country. It’s a sauce that’s…very saucy!

7. Mike Greening – Mike & Diane’s Gourmet Kitchen: Started in the 1990s with their Ring of Fire Hot Sauce. Has won numerous awards and is considered one the best artisanal hot sauce companies in the world.

8. Dr. Paul Bosland – Chile Pepper Institute: Co-Founder & Director of the Chile Pepper Institute (1992). Regents Professor in horticulture and a publish author.

9. Si Brown – Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce: Founded in New Iberia, Louisiana in 1928. The brand now features the word, “Original” in its name along with the famous Red Dot. The hot sauce is known for being full of flavor without an overwhelming amount of heat.

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