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Sun Dried

This week we reviewed The Spice Boys Sun Dried Tomato dried dip.  This particular dips contents contains: sun dried tomatoes, basil, garlic, onions, parsley and spices. All of their dips contain NO MSG, Salt, Sugar or Carbs. You basically mix 1 cup of sour cream to 1 cup of mayonnaise and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Ta-da! Feel free to substitute Greek Yogurt for the sour cream!

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“The Spice Boys Story…..

    Just your typical family in the heart of Texas finding ourselves concerned about our Kids future. Our goal was to see them achieve success by working hard and understanding what it takes to reach their dreams. A main goal for them is to attend college. We started The Spice Boys with the need to finance college as we did not have the means to provide financially nor could we get approved for loans. We were just lucky to hold down our current jobs with how the economy was going. We needed to create a opportunity.
I knew we could wrap our arms around these spices and have a dip for everyone’s taste. What a great way for the boys AND Holli to learn a business, work it and earn their way to a college education.
We felt Dips / Seasonings we a great fit for the kids as they did not need to go door to door sales and were still too young to get a normal job. Spending time together also was a bonus as we did farmers markets, craft shows wherever we could get in front of people to show them that we have some great and healthy dips / seasoning mixes.
    Our goal, I guess you might call it our mission statement too, is to pay it forward! Give opportunity to those who want to work hard and provide a great product that everyone will enjoy!”

The Staff Review:

Sir says: “Great dip. Well rounded flavor. One of the better sun dried tomato dips I’ve ever had.”

Jackie says: “I really enjoyed the dip; it had a great flavor. It would be great at any party!”

Bam says: Bambi was out of the office for this review.

Nicholas says: “The dip was sensational and incredibly addictive! It was great on bagels and chips, and I want to try it as a pasta sauce next.”

Kristin says: “Very addicting dip mix. I wish there were more sun-dried tomatoes, but nonetheless, it was great! Even on bagels!”

Shawna says: “I think it is fantastic! I love sun dried tomato!! I would cut up and add more sun dried tomatoes but all in all I’ll be using this one in particular at my next get together. I love that they don’t add anything extra into their dips than is necessary.”

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